Carrie-Anne D'Angelo

Mantra: Reality is the illusion of a mortal mind.
Carrie-Anne D'Angelo is the co-founder of Token, a Webby nominated Self-Empowerment and Inspirational website dedicated to helping humanity raise its consciousness through knowledge and inspiration.

Her forward thinking and continued quest for knowledge related to life's unanswered questions are, in large part, the driving force behind the Token Rock concept. Through her research and world travels, she has made connections with amazing and inspiring individuals who are experts in their respective fields. The relationships she establishes are often what lead these visionaries to share their knowledge, adding to the momentum TR created to inspire and uplift the world.

Aside from research and writing for Token Rock, establishing Contributor relationships, and building the vast archive of content for, Carrie-Anne holds a deep passion for helping others, exploring life's mysteries, the outdoors, and traveling the world.

As an Intuitive Guide, Carrie-Anne dedicates much of her time helping people navigate through the stresses of modern life while combining the importance of self-awareness and personal power by teaching from her own experiences. Through her own continued evolution, she shares the practical tools and resources she learns, in the hopes that it helps improve the lives of those she coaches.

Carrie-Anne's amazing journey has led her to becom a visionary writer and intuitive messenger. 'Notes From Within', a collection of her channeled writings, have inspired and transformed the lives of many in their pursuit of attaining inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Her warm-hearted open and honest approach to life shines through to each person she comes in contact with. She cares deeply for humanity, guiding lovingly and openly with deep wisdom, understanding, and compassion to those who seek her assistance.

Carrie-Anne is now offering the following services through Token Rock. Schedule your session now.

Intuitive Guidance >
~ Consciously evolve YOUR life

Intuitive Awakening >
~ Developing and trusting the answers within

Soul Messages >
~ Uplift the soul with a personalized message from the Divine

To learn more about Carrie-Anne, visit her 'Notes from Within' Blog

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