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What's the purpose of a time out...your wellbeing?

Posted: September 22, 2009

There is so much going on around this planet...the information is coming in at such a fast past. You must remember to take care of your Self and your body. Everyone's bodies are being bombarded by information at nano second deliveries. The human body does not always have a chance to process. The computer brain goes on overload and so does the physical body. The soul is being challenged everyday. So take a 'time out' during the day or during the week and allow your body to catch up and process all this instant information. Be kind to your Self. Stay in your heart! Be loving to your Self. Then you will be able to love others around you. Stay in your heart to be focused on your personal and professional is one I the same. Create the day as you choose it to be no matter what is going on outside of you! From my heart to yours, enjoy each moment, because each moment belongs to you!!!!

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