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The Phenomenon of Repeated Numbers

Posted: November 12, 2009

PhotoFor years now I've been seeing 11:11 at least twice a day, and sometimes it happens all day long.

So in honor of yesterday, 11/11/09, I'm posting this link to a very interesting website I just discovered whose purpose it is to conduct research on this common phenomenon.

The name of their website is 'Numbers Phenomena Research' and here's what they're all about:

'Our research is concerned with the phenomena that occurs to individuals when a 'trigger' - an 'event' precipitates an individual to begin seeing recurring numbers in a unique succession or order , one that 'recurs' in the course of their everyday lives, in diverse places at diverse times and unsolicited.'

They go on to say: 'This phenomena is unexplainable at the present time. However, our research endeavors to ascertain the origins or meanings and at the very least propose a 'hypothesis' of why this phenomena happens, to whom, where and draw parallels and similarities. We propose to try to find a 'common denominator'.'

How very interesting!

To learn more, visit their website at:


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