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Getting Out and Experiencing Nature

Posted: September 7, 2009

Thanks to the wonderful journey's that Scott and Carrie often share here, I have been inspired to take a few myself. Well, not by myself, but get out of the house and play in nature and it is so freeing, so rewarding. Photo

I too love going to Prescott, AZ. There is something about that place that really draws me to it. It really seems to be something around the courthouse. There is an energy there that feels very inviting and very comforting. So, I always seem to end up there.

Recently I went on an outing with Scott and Carrie and several other family members to Fossil Creek. It was so awesome! For those of you that read my blog about my weight, you might understand that getting into a bathing suit and frolicking in the water with a bunch of strangers was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I did it, and I enjoyed every minute of being me.

I returned to Fossil Creek a few weeks later with my sons and a nephew, who's picture is posted here. It was really wonderful to see my sons enjoying themselves so much. They both work out in this horrible heat all day so for them it was truly paradise. Photo

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