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Freedom is Here

Posted: December 28, 2013

This season of celebration is both a letting go and a poignant embrace. As you release the year 2013 from your present, are you grateful for the change, the challenge and the triumph? You are on a precipice. Take a moment before your leap to enjoy the vista. Before you is your flight. You have reached this point through your courage to climb, to elevate yourself and carry with you the hopes and dreams of humanity rising. Within you is all you need to take wing. This is the triumph of time; it is a building upon, a refining, a transformation - the Freedom flight. You are that transformation in form. You are that transformation experiencing. Your Freedom is within your inner experience influencing the outer.

What is Freedom? It is a perception and a feeling. It is that simple. The complexity is within the variance of the perception. A rainy day to one is enlivening, to another suppressive. To understand the nature of Freedom in Life, you must first love the nature of life. This is where your Freedom resides, within the Love. It is the nature of Life to change, to transform. It is the nature of Life to consume and release. It is the nature of Life to yield and support. It is the nature of Life to replenish and teach. It is the nature of Life to Love, in all its many facets. In Love, there is Freedom. It is within you, within Life. It is Here, in your present moment. A choice. Are you Free enough to allow All Life to exist around you without using it to imprison your thoughts? Shift your perception and watch as your feelings shift. The rainy day then does not seem a dampener, but a thirst quencher that fuels more Life.

As we sit to Blast Freedom is Here, we are presently surprised as Life expands before our hearts. We are participating in the transformation, beginning within our separate minds and connecting with the collective of humanity. We are courageously Loving Life because Angels never fear to tread in the waters of Life. We are maintaining that Light of hope that offers a path in the darkest of nights. We are remembering the capability of All Beings and the Love inherent in All Life. Blast on!

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