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A Revolution of the Heart

Posted: June 24, 2011


Is't my desire,
to finally inspire,
a revolution in the heart of thee.

From wills within,
may heaven spin,
it's evolution of the blooming tree. 

On planes and rays,
across sails and cayes,
may winds of change leave a trace. 

In the song of the lark,
and a moment too dark,
may the light cast upon your face. 

Under the spell of time,
an imposing rhyme,
shall complete this thought to soon.

In the midst of night,
shall the dreams of flight,
release you from this captive room. 

With a gentle caress,
our hearts will confess,
the longing for the warmth of love.

In a far away place,
void of time and space,
the truth shall be revealed above.

On angel's wings,
from immortal kings,
this truth shall penetrate our minds.

The tethers will tear,
our souls shall bare,
releasing us from all mankind.

The eye shall reveal,
as aged wounds heal,
and a tear weaves its glistening trail.

The miracle we've missed,
with our tight held fist,
and thus our unity shall prevail.

In all of our wonder,
we'll dance to the thunder,
in the heat of a desert monsoon. 

Together we'll meld,
into the oneness we've held,
as distant as the orbiting moon.

Darling just know,
there's more story to sew,
into the fabric of our magical existence.

For now be whisked away,
into the peripheral fray,
but remember no matter the distance.

This bond will live through,
a heart to remain true,
to the measures of honor and grace.

As we let go of strife,
we'll learn of this life,
what matters is a lover's embrace.

Peace and love,

S.C. Leuthold


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