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A Challenge

Posted: January 4, 2011

As we embark on this year anew, settling into the aftermath of this great solar eclipse and it's many gifts bestowed upon us, may we each pause in retrospect… before our attention is captured by the promise of what is to come…. and focus just for a moment on what gifts the past year has shared.

Challenges may have tattered the fabric of our emotions and forced upon us new growth within, but look upon that growth as tethers released and an essence set adrift, embarking on a great journey toward internal truth.

Who are you, really? What more have you got to share…. to give? Where can you find what brings you the greatest joy? How will you make this new year one that will be looked upon in years to come as the year that changed everything?

I challenge you to seek that truth of who you really are and find peace with that. I challenge you to, at times, be still and find comfort in doing so. I challenge you to move foreword with great intent, toward a greater good for you, for me, and for everyone… shimmering reflections in the water of your experience.

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