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Posted: August 7, 2015
Dear One, how you focus your brilliant heart and mind creates a force of vibrational frequency that effects life. It breaks down barriers, it builds walls, it cloaks a Truth that is just out of range to your conscious awareness. Your awareness, your heart and mind focus; is a powerful catalyst. It is invisible, and therefore most predominantly effects the invisible realm. Yet this is how all form builds.

Change is constant. Change is always good. It has the potential of either creating a desired experience, or creating a desire for a new experience. Expectation is the hope, trust and faith in your own abilities, the response of life and the connection to the future. You expect because you are linear, you are connected to the future. Release resistance and your expectation fl...
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Posted: August 2, 2015
***all times are PDT***monday august 3rd-
the first aspect of the day and week has been building for a while now. at 3:36am jupiter in leo squares a just turned direct saturn in scorpio (he stationed on 8/1), bringing tension and friction between the planet of expansion, abundance and excess and the planet of limitation, depression and mastery. this push/pull energy requires that we make tough decisions in our lives about where to grow, where to prune, where to push forward and where to retreat or let go. we are challenged to find balance between going for it and having faith (jupiter) and being practical and willing to work for what we desire (saturn). being able to hold one foot in both worlds: expansion and contraction, luck and hard work, positivity and ...
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Posted: July 30, 2015
Two full moons in July, with their expansive and cumulative effect, can help you amplify the good you have put in motion this month. With Friday's full moon just around the corner, you want to be present to what you have intended and energize your aspirations. Do this now and even throughout the weekend as we sit in the window of this Aquarius full moon. Energizing Your AspirationsBeing present to what you want to create is a key factor in your success. Right now, consider up to three goals you set in early July. Name them out loud. Visualize each of them as having manifested in present time. Imagine yourself enjoying the fruits of e...
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Posted: July 30, 2015
Blessed Being, in these unprecedented times of change you are growing your spiritual, connected nature rapidly. You are finding your path of connection to the heart, expanding the mind and becoming more whole and interactive with your world. As you Find Your Truth, it often means releasing a mistruth, a half-truth, a misperception or a harmful truth. A harmful truth is one that may have evidence, but has no value in your evolution. Truth has a density, a manifestation to it that effects life. Proof comes in many different forms. Your focus, your response and your choice gives it weight in your vibration. When a truth is help...
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Posted: July 23, 2015
the full moon in aquarius is exact on friday july 31st at 3:43am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in cancer on july 15th (the day that NASA did the pluto flyby). that new moon was square uranus and this full moon is in uranus-ruled aquarius- so the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener features prominently throughout this lunar cycle. the best thing to do when uranus is showing up is stay open to the unexpected and embrace change and evolution. yet at the same time we have to be aware of the tendencies towards impulsivity, restlessness and Unconscious actions taken that can have serious consequences. when we are Unconscious of an archetype within ourselves we tend to meet it in our lives as fate- such as someone in our liv...
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Posted: July 6, 2015
The energy of the coming month is hard to pin down. Just when we feel we've ‘got' what's needed and know how to proceed it will slip through our fingers and we'll be left wondering what just happened. Certainty is in short supply. If we want a clear cut, straightforward path ahead with big shiny signposts pointing ‘THIS WAY' we'll most likely be disappointed. If, however, we are content to ride the ups and downs of emotion and enthusiasm, not seeking to plan ahead but instead trusting the ever changing flow to take us where necessary, July could deliver some interesting surprises. By its end we may well have come by the desired clarity, just not via the anticipated route!Since the Sun left Taurus on 21st May there's been a dearth of availab...
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Posted: June 24, 2015
Dr. Wayne Dyer has always believed in following your passionate life purpose. He himself took a big chance to find his life purpose when he left his tenured teaching position at St. John's University in New York to spend his time pitching his first book—Your Erroneous Zones. Here's the story of that risky move as he explains it in his memoir, I Can See Clearly Now:
New York, 1977
My world has changed dramatically since I made the decision to go it alone as a self-employed writer. I have spent the past year working full-time to promote my first book for the general public, Your Erroneous Zones.On a ...
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Posted: May 17, 2015
Choose love...Sounds simple, right? In our everyday lives, it is easy to be critical, it is easy to judge. It is easy to notice what we don't like about someone or something and how it is different. But it is much harder to come from the heart. It is much harder to just discern and perceive rather than judge and complain.But this is the illusion that we have built for ourselves. As humans we seem to have a natural tool to differentiate ourselves from others. To notice that duality and separateness that makes us who we are. To want to be different, to want to be better. What we do is the best and the right way and others are wrong. Yet most of us strive to be accepted. We long for some sort of group connection and appreciation. Ego is a strange thing. It is good for sur...
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Posted: March 7, 2015
Hello everyone!I've been thinking about Astrology and why certain planets in certain places could affect me in any way on the day I was born or throughout my life. At first glance it seems hard to believe that it should at all. Today's scientific view is that it is pseudoscience.Well what if we looked at it in a different way, using the chemical elements as an example? I believe that matter and the elements are made of the same substance, Light. Every aspect of this substance that defines it like, color, density, spin, etc… all depend on where it is in its cycle. The cycle position is everything. The same with the location of the planets inside it's system, the solar system. ...
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