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Stuart was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1965 and has been a professional pianist and composer for 25 years. After traveling the world for 15 years performing he is now resident in Edinburgh and has over the last five years released two major works, SEVEN WONDERS SUITE FOR ORCHESTRA and THE ROSSLYN MOTET.

The composition Seven Wonders Suite has been recorded by The Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens. A performance of part of the Suite was performed in The Dvorak Hall in Prague in 2005. This major symphonic work has put Stuart currently at #160 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame since 2005 and is regularly requested by their listeners.

Stuart's last work The Rosslyn Motet attracted world-wide media coverage including Reuters, ITN, BBC, CNN/Fox News. He has also has appeared in various television and film documentaries such as Decoding Da Vinci, Jonathan Stacks 'Secrets of the Code' narrated by Susan Sarandon and currently the BBC2 series Scotland's Music with Phil Cunningham.

'DNA music exists within every living organism universally and now we have the technology to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic understanding of life, ourselves and each other'. Stuart Mitchell

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