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Michele Knight

Michele KnightI inherited my psychic abilities from my Italian mother, whose healing circles I joined at the age of three. I was practically born with a deck of tarot cards in my hands. Funnily enough, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was follow in my mother's footsteps, yet I ended up working as a professional psychic from the age of 16.

I learned a great lesson with the first client my mother gave me to read. She was an older woman of about 75 and I saw in her cards that she had three lovers. Of course I am now mature enough to know that this can be normal, but at 13 I was shocked and wondered how to tell her! Never one to hold back I stated what I saw and she said calmly, 'That's right dear'.

I had an office in Covent Garden for ten years from the age of 23 and saw man...
Michele Knight

Divine Harmony

Divine HarmonyI am a student of the mysteries of life. Astrology is my first love followed by depth psychology. I am currently in a doctorate program of depth psychology which has led me to the path I am on now. I am drawn to anything esoteric- astrology, alchemy, shamanism, wicca, etc... I am also passionate about symbolism, archetypes, dreams and images.

I know that I am here for reasons beyond my own personal existence and I have just begun to take the first steps on the path to make that my focus in life. I was first introduced to astrology twelve years ago and it quickly became a life-long love affair. Since then I have done correspondence courses on astrology, taken local classes in my community, attended astrology conferences and meetup groups, and devoured every book on astrolo...
Divine Harmony

Ellen Whitehurst

Ellen WhitehurstI am Ellen Whitehurst, world renowned and recognized Feng Shui author and expert. I write a monthly marquee column for Redbook magazine that blends my expertise in astrology with that of Feng Shui (appropriately called ‘Shuistrology'), as well as pen ‘The Feng Shui Tip of the Day' for, an effort that currently gets sent to close to a half million opted in subscribers DAILY. My first book, 'MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY: Feng Shui Secrets, etc' was published and released by Random House earlier this year and is going into Fourth Printing while also being transcribed and translated for the Hispanic/Spanish speaking audiences both in the US and abroad.

I am, as well, a regular contributor and considered Feng Shui expert for ‘Natural Health' and ‘Wom...
Ellen Whitehurst

Gloria Star

Gloria StarA professional astrologer, author and teacher, Gloria's work encompasses a wide range of experience. Her client practice is her primary focus, plus she has presented thousands of lectures and workshops for astrology groups worldwide.

She's written, edited or contributed to 29 astrological books, annuals and anthologies, has authored columns for magazines, newspapers, journals and online sources, and has conceptualized and written the text for four astrological computer report software programs.

Her feature column 'Astrology News' has appeared in 'The Mountain Astrologer Magazine' since 1997. She's also active in the astrological community - serving on boards of several astrological organizations, and playing a major role organizing astrology conferences and events....
Gloria Star

Avia Venefica

Avia VeneficaAvia Venefica is a rogue interpreter of the deeper symbolism she sees inherent in all life. Her symbolic interpretations come from a place of wonder, and a knowing that all things are interconnected.

The cornerstone of Avia's understanding is Nature. She contends Nature (in all its forms, including cosmic) is a divine, sacred energy and is the savior of humankind.

Avia uses organic symbolism as a platform for expressing these contentions as her keenest attention is continually drawn to symbolic meanings revealed in natural energy.

Other sources of inspiration come from a unique lineage. She is part of a heretical heritage that maintains inclusion and empathy as the backbone of Knowing. Unconventionalism is a recurring theme in Avia's work, but not for t...
Avia Venefica
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