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Ruling House:
3rd - Communication
Your Stone:
Life Pursuit:
To explore a little bit of everything
Intense mental energy
Secret Desire:
To be ahead of the crowd

'Hey … what's that over there?'

Gemini is endlessly curious, and represents the quality of diversity. The mutable, air sign of the zodiac shows a high level of flexibility and cleverness. Gemini is youthful, witty, inquisitive and sometimes nervous.

Symbolized by The Twins, Gemini is dualistic, and can present at least two sides to every picture. This quality can be the prankster, and can also show a high degree of fickleness. Intellectual pursuits, mental gymnastics and wordplay are engaging to Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury. And although versatility may be the higher expression, the most frustrating expression of this sign is distractibility and lack of focus. 'Jack of all trades, master of none' can describe Gemini in its weaker form. But when focused on the most positive side, there is little which can compare with the articulate, incisive and intuitive perception associated with this sign. The placement of Gemini in your chart, shows your need for adaptability and versatility.

Gemini and the Body
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Gemini rules the:
Lungs, nerves, arms, heads [sic], and fingers
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