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By Ellen Whitehurst
Ellen Whitehurst
Tuesday, January 31
‘Inspire your Heart with Art Day' affords me the perfect opportunity to share some serious LOVE SHUI that will paint a picture of your love life that you will rock your world. Feng Shui says that if you want a perfect partner to pair with than you should display a painting of a woman playing the lute in order to encourage everlasting happiness and, of course, love. According to Eastern traditions the sound of the lute is believed to express the bliss of marriage as well as the deep and abiding friendship between man and wife. Purity and moderation are both invoked by this instrument's sweet sounds and so it came to be associated as a symbol for harmony and happiness in family life. In more modern times the flute has come to be regarded as almost as auspicious for these loving so displaying any artwork with a woman playing that woodwind will work as well. Hang the artwork in the ROMANCE area of your living room and your perfect union will quickly come calling there as well!
Monday, January 30
It was on this same day in 1948 that someone shot the messenger and silenced a voice dedicated to showing by example how each and every one of us can be the change (in the world) that we would like to see. On January 30 all those many years ago, Mahatma Gandhi, pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian independence movement breathed his last. But this prince of peace and propitiator of non-violence did not die without again showing all the rest of us how we should live. Lying shot and dying right before he expired Gandhi looked at his assassin square in the eye and he forgave him. To the end this simple yet so powerful man showed us all what a planet of peace and love, harmony and balance could be but not without the critical component of forgiveness involved. On this day, think about someone who you need to forgive and then do the following: write the name of anyone who you have an issue with on a small white piece of paper with a green pen. Fold the paper and put it inside any small jar or glass container that has a lid. Cover the paper with honey and tightly seal the lid. Now, each day for nine days straight, light a small white tea candle that is placed atop that same closed lid, and silently send forgiveness to whoever it is whose name is written on that paper. Open up to the sweetness and the healing of forgiveness. Love might mean never having to say you're sorry but it also means forgiving anyone who has wronged you as well. Let us each practice what he preached in honor and deference to a true saint among men. Rest in PEACE, Mohandas Gandhi, rest in PEACE.
Sunday, January 29
Crosswords and jigsaws, brain teasers and number challenges are all in a day's work on ‘National Puzzle Day.' But what if you have a conundrum that can't be simply solved by picking up a Thesaurus or stacking up the Jenga blocks? I once had a Caribbean Medicine Woman teach me how to find answers for puzzling personal questions simply by using the first available book. She said that you should sit quietly with both feet on the ground and the spine straight. Next you place any book of choice on your lap and place your left hand, palm down, atop the cover. Now, breathing slowly and fully, in through the nose and out through the mouth, ask your question about your personal situation or circumstances. You can do this either silently or aloud. Once the question has been asked, and still with left hand only, open the book to any page and the first words that you read will hold the answer or solution to your question. Meditate on the answer and then express gratitude to all the invisible allies who participated in solving your personal puzzle. This one's a game changer!
Saturday, January 28
If today's energies represent an oxymoron for you then you might want to seriously consider enacting some serious Fun, um, I mean, Feng Shui in the workplace in order to fully embrace the energies surrounding ‘Fun in the Office Day.' One way to have fun in the office is to be as respected as possible there too. Feng Shui says that enhancing or activating your FAME area inside that same place will do exactly that. Place an image of the sun in this space so that your reputation simply shines or you can place any image of fire there to heat up your ‘Q' factor and garner well deserved recognition and rewards to boot. Of course candles are usually out of the question in the work place unless otherwise indicated. But if you do decide that candles are the cure for you, do be sure to use nine small red ones to take total advantage of all the opportunities these can illuminate for you.. A better reputation, promotion, recognition and rewards? Well, if that doesn't spell more fun in the office I just don't know what does!
Friday, January 27
The English Poet Laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson, when referring to each New Year once wrote; 'Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring happy bells, across, the snow; The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.' As we come to the end of this inaugural month of this brand New Year, let's ring out all the old energies stuck or sticking around your space in order to let the all and wonderful new opportunities come calling. Using any brass or metal bell, go to each and every corner on the main floor of your house. Ring the bell a total of nine times in each corner; three times ringing the bell up above your head, three times bringing the bell down and ringing it in front of your heart and, then, lowering the bell down by your side ring it three times in succession there. Walking around your main floor in a clockwise direction, starting and ending at your front door or main entryway, ring this bell thus in every corner, nook and cranny to cleanse and clear anew, to 'ring out the false, ring in the true.'
Thursday, January 26
It is believed that the one flower that is most associated with the month of January is the lovely, lyrical and magical carnation. That fact might explain why just a few short days ago we celebrated ‘Carnation Day' too! I thought that I might then share a way to grow your good fortune in the love arena while stemming any bad luck by using this same floral beauty. In fact, carnations have a long and varied history. In ancient Rome they were called 'Jove's Flowers' in homage to one of that civilization's favored deities. By Jove, I think I've got it! In Korea, young girls braid three carnations in their hair in order to have the ability to tell their future fortune, especially where getting lucky in love is concerned. Pink carnations are believed to have graced the planet only after Jesus Christ walked that long walk to Golgotha carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Legend says that as his mother, the Blessed Virgin named Mary, followed her son, her tears caused and created this pink flower that supposedly spring up after her every sad step. This lore was the reason that pink carnations were named the national flower of annual American ‘Mother's Day' celebrations. Deeper pink / lighter red carnations are said to symbolize a state of admiration or respect while the deeper red variety represent true and abiding and, of course, lasting love. Striped carnations however can connote a sense of confusion or regret so stay away from them when building a bouquet for a loved one. Place two red carnations in a white vase anywhere inside the ROMANCE area of your main floor and change them to two new fresh ones every nine days for a total of three times or 27 days. Inside that same time frame you should find a new spring in your step and bloom in your cheeks and plenty of suitors lining up who will leaf you breathless too!
Wednesday, January 25
On both ‘National Speak Up and Succeed Day' and ‘Better Business Communication Day' I thought it appropriate to share some success-full Feng Shui that harnesses the power of sound to send out the word about you and/or your business. This philosophy says that the energizing power of sound can reach all the people who can promote you as well as provide great connections and contacts. Therefore, says Feng Shui, a windchime positioned in your HELFPUL PEOPLE area of your home and/or office will get the (invisible and invaluable) message out without you even having to send one text. The optimum type of chime to use for this intention is metal with a clear sound that resonates with you. Hang the chime from red ribbon that's been cut to some multiple of nine inches and the sound will be effective either inside or out. Now, if you want to bring a big blast and boost of energy to this cure then you can ring the chime nine times on any given day while visualizing the emanating sound awakening assistance from myriad people who will now come to your aid. Gain more connections and increase your network by simply using sound to attract all new action and GO YOU GO!
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