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You are extraordinarily attuned to your environment - having a 'sixth sense' about how things should be, and instantaneously knowing when something is 'out of place.' Fortunately, you are incredibly deft at putting things back into order. Where your clansman fumble to make sense of confusion - you nobly step into a chaotic scene, soothe anxieties and set things in order with aplomb. You also have a regal presence about you which intimidates some of your tribal members (in spite of your calming tendencies). They don't know how to approach one such as you, with your classic gracefulness, refinement and high standards. The disparagement between classes often leaves you fleeing from mainstream society. Your lesson is to learn how to meet your clansmen on their level without stooping below your own.

Learn more about symbolist, Avia Venefica and her insight into the world of Native American astrological birth signs. Read More
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