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Monday Apr 14 - Sunday Apr 20
By Divine Harmony
Divine Harmony

***all times are PDT***

monday april 14th-
the first aspect that kicks off a very dynamic week is exact at 11:32am when mercury in aries squares jupiter in cancer, bringing tension and friction between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. this is the beginning of mercury's trigger of the exact T-square that is forming between jupiter, uranus and pluto. these three have been dancing in and out of this formation since august- but their previous T-squares were weeks apart in exactness, whereas the one forming now will be precisely exact on 4/20. with mercury triggering this dynamic trio (actually foursome when you include retrograde mars who is coming in to form a Grand Cross)- pay attention all information, thoughts, ideas and communication that comes in right now. some of this information can be revealing and awakening! other information can be intense, chaotic and perhaps meant to incite fear in us. questioning everything that we think and feel can be useful in the coming days/weeks. intuition can be high right now, but learning to distinguish it from fear or anxiety is a lesson. major opportunities for breakthroughs and aha moments or visionary insights are possible right now! we need to keep our minds and hearts open to make the most of the energy present right now.

at 2:18pm retrograde saturn in scorpio trines retrograde true black moon lilith in cancer, aligning the planet of mastery and personal responsibility with the wild, chaotic, powerful Dark Feminine energies. right now we have the opportunity to discipline and anchor our deeper, more Soulful, intuitive and magical sides. over the next 24 hours this aspect will be made twice, due to true BML's station- making this a more powerful transit than it might usually be. saturn/BML in water signs can take us very deeply into emotions and material related to the past. with saturn in scorpio we are supported in diving deep and facing our shadows- and BML supports that as well. having the ability to work towards mastering our own darkness and owning our own fears is the perfect astrology to support the intensity of the next 10 days!

then at 4:15pm mercury cojoins uranus in aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! radical insights, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and sudden information coming to Light are all possible right now. expecting the unexpected is the recommendation right now- and even better stay open to sudden shifts and changes in perception or experience! with both bodies in fiery aries we'd all do well to watch our anger, aggression and irritable sides. watch out for accidents and aggression coming at you from others as well as generated by yourself. having healthy outlets for anger, rage and the need to take action or speak up is key right now. remember that mercury is triggering uranus and pluto (as well as the Grand Cross that is building between mars, jupiter, uranus and pluto)- so we have opportunities for major communication or thinking breakthroughs but we can also have major communication or thinking breakdowns. the key word in both breakthrough and breakdown is BREAK- so taking a break from what you think and believe and staying open to something new revealing itself is highly recommended right now!

at 4:47pm pluto stations retrograde at 13'34 capricorn, making the Lord of the Underworld the most powerful planet in the sky! with pluto going inward/downward he is at his most shamanistic. it may seem as though he is slumbering, but really his power is being focused within. the days/weeks surrounding the station can be especially intense- so be aware of your use of power and stay clear of power/control dynamics and manipulation. the Highest use of this energy is to be willing to go into the shadows so that you can bring the Truth to Light. pay attention to what reveals itself- personally and collectively- this powerful month of april! pluto is also stationing opposite the powerful fixed star sirius- which is symbolic of making the mundane sacred, or aligning the material with the spiritual worlds. in addition pluto stations in oppositional aspect to the Black Sun- a potent placement that speaks to the potential for alchemical rebirth of massive proportions. yet we must remember that in alchemy base metal is turned into gold by means of very intense alchemical fires of transformation. much like a rock turns into a diamond by way of intense pressure (and interestingly the opposite point of the black sun- where pluto currently is- is called 'the diamond')- the astrology right now is INTENSE and it's purpose is to PURIFY us. for more information about where you would do best to focus the purifying energies of the astrology this week- read your weekly horoscopes (and be sure to read for sun sign AND rising sign).

mercury in aries squares stationary retrograde pluto in capricorn at 9:13pm, making this the most potent (read: intense) aspect that mercury makes today. when planets are stationary they are at their most potent- and pluto is a planet (or rather dwarf planet- as the scientific community would refer to him) that packs a punch! so pluto stationary is even more deep, intense, penetrating and powerful. mercury square pluto is a great aspect for digging into things and diving down deep to get the Truth. this is the aspect of the depth psychologist, researcher or investigator- people who are not satisfied with what lies on the surface, people who do not believe in 'letting sleeping dogs lie'. this astrology is great for getting to the root of things, but the shadow side needs to be watched out for. be aware that mercury square stationary pluto can be powerful, controlling and manipulative in thinking and communication. don't try to control others- and don't allow yourself to be controlled by others (or the media). there is opportunity for deep Truth (however dark or Light) to come into consciousness right now, but due to the intense nature of the astrology right now it's also easy to be misled, deluded and deceived. tune into your intuition and gut instinct and let that guide you, rather than fear-based thoughts and ideas that may be running in your head.

at 10:38pm the sun in aries opposes retrograde ceres in libra, bringing an opposition energy between the conscious self and ego and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. themes of safety, security, nourishment and nurturing are in focus. we also may be focusing on global or environmental events that Mother Earth is experiencing- and as a result the rest of us are. with the aries/libra axis highlighted (an axis that is in HUGE focus right now) attending to the balance of masculine and feminine, assertion and surrender, give and take, self and other is key. too much of either end of the spectrum is imbalance and can lead to unhealthy situations. finding the perfect balance that works for you is important right now.

tuesday april 15th-
the total full moon/lunar eclipse at 25'15 libra is exact at 12:42am PDT (exact time of eclipse is 12:47am while the exact time of the full moon is 12:42am). this is one powerful lunation and it harkens back to the lunar eclipse that was exact last year on 10/18 in the opposite degree of 25'45 aries. full moons tend to bring things to Light, climax or crisis. with this one being total- meaning the whole entire face of the moon will be eclipsed- it packs way more of a punch. with the sun in aries opposite the full moon in libra we have themes of independence and interrelationship coming up. the sun is conjunct the asteroid Goddess juno- typically an asteroid governing committed relationship but when placed in aries on the sun she is showing more of a commitment to one's self and one's own path. opposite the sun/juno conjunction is the full moon in libra conjunct the asteroid Goddesses ceres (the Great Mother) and vesta (the priestess). with 3 of the 4 asteroid Goddesses involved in this eclipse, we have a lot of Divine Feminine energy present right now. major endings and new beginnings in how we relate to the Goddess within and around us- and in Mother Earth herself- is the focus. what can arise at this time is issues or disparity between our own path and the commitments in our lives. our work commitments, family commitments, relationship commitments and spiritual commitments can feel like they are not in alignment. somethings gotta give and whatever that is can come up big time this month! we are in a month of remarkable astrology that is very intense and is akin to the point of transition when a mother is giving birth. transition is that last part of labor where it is most intense and most women are ready to throw in the towel. and yet it is a sign that the baby is coming! this month- attend to the baby you are giving birth to (and/or the one the World is giving birth to). let go of what does not serve but be sure you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted on the public astrology blog.

at 4:31am true black moon lilith stations direct at 21'37 cancer, making the wild, chaotic and fierce Dark Feminine one of the most powerful forces in the sky. there are 2 variations of black moon lilith (BML)- one is her true position and the other is her mean position. her true position is very chaotic and moves direct, retrograde and races forward and back in true Dark Goddess fashion (you cannot control or predict the Dark Goddess!). her mean position is calculated by averaging out her erratic movements- which has insight to it, but for me it's like taming the wild Dark Goddess- not something i am interested in doing (or something that she likely wants either). it's only the true position that stations direct and retrograde- while the mean always stays constant. with the Dark Goddess energy stationary today pay attention to her wild, intense, chaotic, powerful, magical, fierce energy expressed in yourself and the world around you. you do not 'harness' this kind of energy- you let it move through you and inspire you. BML is not about control and refinement- she's about wildness and freedom. the more repressed she is the more demonic her expression becomes- yet in and of herself she is not demonic. with BML in cancer- attend to your emotions, home/family situations and deeper emotional energies around nurturing, care taking, home, family, safety and security. ultimately with BML in cancer- we must find that sense of safety and security within ourselves. we must become our own Source- as the world around us will never be able to provide something that has not been found within. in addition, we must also get so in touch with our emotions that we are in tune with our body and Soul (as well as mind and Spiri). that is the True empowerment of black moon lilith in cancer!

at 4:14pm retrograde saturn in scorpio trines stationary direct black moon lilith in cancer, echoing the aspect made between these two yesterday when true BML was retrograde. opportunities to deepen our journey of mastery over our darkness, shadow, fears and Unconscious selves are present right now. so, too, are opportunities to become more grounded in our magic, intuition, power and fierceness as we shine a Light on all that is unlike Love and work to transform it into Light and consciousness.

wednesday april 16th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 2:57am when mercury in aries semisextiles chiron in pisces, aligning the mind and intellect with the wounded healer planetoid. mercury is currently in an intense dynamic with the approaching Grand Cross. on monday mercury triggered jupiter, uranus and stationary pluto- and in a few hours he activates retrograde mars. this very intense and dynamic configuration is bringing both breakdowns and breakthroughs in communication, thinking and ideas. mercury/chiron is a supportive aspect that helps us take the rubble that the Grand Cross is creating out of foundations/structures in our lives- and do something healing and awareness expanding with it. when things fall apart we are challenged to take the building blocks and put something better back together. this is playing out personally as well as collectively. tuning into the underlying need for healing and awakening that lies beneath all the surface experiences in life right now is key.

mercury in aries opposes retrograde mars in libra at 4:15am, pitting the conscious mind and intellect opposite the conscious will and drive. similar to sun/mars on the 8th- mercury/mars can be feisty, fiery, assertive and aggressive. communication can get out of hand today- so be aware of what you say, how you say and who you say it too! if you have been repressing your anger or energy for a while- the astrology this month could blow the top of it for sure! this completes mercury's trigger of the Grand Cross that began on monday. think back on the last couple of days and see what thoughts/ideas have been shifting and changing in you. also pay attention to communication, conversation and information coming in. what new picture is being presented in your mind's eye or in the world around you?

the day ends with retrograde mars in libra quincunx chiron in pisces at 10:04am, bringing tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the wounded healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can surface right now around our relationship to the masculine, to anger, aggression, will, drive and taking action or initiating things in our lives. with mars in his sign of detriment as well as in retrograde motion- his ability to take positive and decisive action is hindered right now. positively he is being asked to THINK before he acts- yet on the shadow side he may be passive, weak, ineffectual and/or passive-aggressive in nature. with mars aspecting chiron- we need to look at any issues we may have with boundaries, codependency, enabling, enmeshment, addiction, victimization and/or playing the martyr. if we are waiting around for someone to save us- we better not hold our breathe! 'we are the ones we have been waiting for'. in personal and collective situations- we cannot wait around for someone else to act, change things, shift the frequency. it is up to US. we have the be the change we wish to see in the world (thank you ghandi!). the Grand Cross astrology that is building is like a pressure cooker for change. the key is to make changes consciously- not reactively and not out of anger or rage. finding that fine line in between surrender/acceptance and action/initiative is the lesson right now.

thursday april 17th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 12:07am when juno in aries opposes retrograde ceres in libra, pitting the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage opposite the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. issues in relationships where wife and mother roles are hard to align can be a manifestation of this. yet even those not in relationship can experience this as a split between our individual needs and the needs or expectations of others in our lives (work/friends/career, etc..). one part of us may tend to over give at the expense of ourselves, while another part may be selfish and only focused on personal gain. somewhere in the middle is what we need to work towards so that we are not erring to far in either direction- creating imbalance in our inner and outer relationships.

at 7:33am retrograde ceres in libra squares black moon lilith in cancer, bringing tension and friction between the nurturing, loving Light mother and the fierce, powerful, intense Dark Mother. the Light mother and the Dark Mother are two halves of the same whole. a mother who only gives, forgives, helps and nurtures without a balance of discipline, wisdom and ferocious protection of her young is missing essential qualities of the Great Mother archetype. a clash in how we nurture and caretake ourselves and others can arise today. finding balance between being permissive and being disciplined is important. if we are not aware of one half of the equation then intense eruptions of emotional energy can result in relationships of all kinds (particularly romantic and family oriented).

then at 10:13am juno in aries squares BML in cancer, bringing more clash energy between the Goddess of partnership and marriage and the fierce Dark Feminine. typically juno is focused on others and will deny herself and needs in order to maintain harmony in her relationships. but juno is currently in the sign of the self- and so she is more fiery, assertive and dynamic right now. the Highest expression of juno in aries is the commitment we have to ourselves, our path and our own personal growth and destiny. with juno square BML- we have an opportunity to integrate our commitments with our Soul's deepest passion, magic and power. it does not have to be this part of myself OR that part of myself. in relationships with others and in relationship to ourSelves, finding a place where we can honor all parts of the self without fragmenting ones that don't fit in is the goal of integration and evolution.

venus in pisces trines jupiter in cancer at 6:19pm, sweetly aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of expansion, abundance and luck! in the midst of all this fiery, intense astrology we do have some sweet watery trines happening that helps us to keep our hearts open and stay connected to the people and things that we Love. venus/jupiter is wonderful for heartfelt affection, social connection and for giving thanks for the goodness we have in our lives! gratitude goes a long way- so give thanks for the blessings you have so they can multiply!

the last aspect of the day is exact at 9:54pm when venus in pisces semisextiles uranus in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! yes mars, jupiter, uranus and pluto are in an intense dynamic right now- but interestingly venus sweetly aspects jupiter, uranus and pluto- showing that the path of the heart and of compassion, service, healing and spirituality can be very supportive in carrying us through the intensity right now! staying open to shifts, changes and radical openings of the heart is recommended!

friday april 18th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 2:26am when venus in pisces sextiles retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto is deep, passionate, intense and powerful! relationships and financial situations can deepen, transform and become more abundant and wealthy (materially and spiritually). this is wonderful for aligning our spiritual or romantic ideals (venus in pisces) with our ability to do the work, ground down and manifest them (pluto in capricorn). venus is the ruler of the evolutionary north node for the next 19 months- so all this lovely energy with venus right now is great for focusing on relationships, compromise, connection and balance in our lives- even amidst any storms that may be present! venus in pisces is exalted- so if we can tune into our Higher Heart energies and live from a compassionate, service-oriented place right now we can find the Higher Purpose for any intense events or experiences that are happening outside of ourselves.

the sun cojoins the south node in aries at 5:12am, aligning the ego self with the karmic/past life south node. sun/south node can bring up old karmic patterns we are playing out around masculine energy, aggression, anger, selfishness or self-focus. looking at where we are only thinking about ourselves and where we could stand to think of others- or think of the greater good of those around us is important right now. addressing old patterns or habits that hold us back is important. on the positive side there are possibilities of connecting with people that we have deep past life connections with- so be on the lookout for soul mates!

at 11:31am the nodes square black moon litlih in cancer, forming a T-square between BML, the evolutionary north node in libra and the karmic south node in aries. when planets or placements square the nodes we are brought to pivotal points of choice where we can choose to keep on playing out old karmic patterns or we can choose to grow into uncharted territory. with BML square the nodes, addressing our fears, shadows and need for power- as well as our emotions, feelings and needs for safety and security can be insightful today. the north node in libra demands that we grow by way of compromise and collaboration with others. but it's also about finding balance between self and other, give and take, me and you. the south node in aries asks that we look at any tendencies to be selfish, aggressive, impulsive or entitled. ultimately this aspect demands that we take responsibility for our personal power and also for our own evolution and growth. owning our unowned parts of self is the first step in integration and evolution! lots of opportunities abound for this kind of learning right now!

at 1:51pm the sun in aries squares BML in cancer, echoing the need to look at our shadow, our karmic patterns and addiction or attachment to the past. the sun just separated from alignment with the south node- so we can find ourselves pulled to the past in seductive ways, yet evolution requires that we resist this temptation and move into the unknown future that will challenge us to grow.

at 10:05pm black moon lilith moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the fierce and powerful Dark Goddess' energy from mothering, nurturing, emotional, yin and introverted to fiery, creative, yang and extroverted. BML in leo is feisty! the focus is now on the self and one's own creations or creative gifts. tapping into our Dark Goddess energy in conscious ways is key- otherwise this energy can express itself as dark narcissim or energy that is more about the self and what one gets, rather than what one gives and shares with others.

the last aspect of the day is exact at 11:31pm when mercury in aries quincunxes retrograde saturn in scorpio, bringing tension and friction between the conscious mind and intellect and the planet of mastery, karma and limitation. mercury/saturn can bring opportunities to discipline our minds, speech and thoughts. yet mercury in aries does not like to be disciplined or restricted in any way, shape or form- so mercury/saturn can manifest as feeling limitated, restricted and depressed. opportunities to think before we speak are present- but if you don't have the capacity to hold your tongue and count to 10 then you may have to pay the consequences for things said and done in haste today!

saturday april 19th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 7:31am when venus in pisces quincunxes retrograde mars in libra, bringing tension and friction between the Divine Lovers. venus has been aspecting all the planets in the Grand Cross formation and with all the others she has been making sweet aspects- bringing a loving, compassionate and spiritual energy into the mix. today she makes a tense aspect to mars- highlighting the shadow side of venus in pisces which is the tendency to have no boundaries, get enmeshed, play the victim or be in denial and avoidance of the Truth. both pisces and libra are signs that tend to over focus on others at the expense of the self- and they also both prefer to see the beauty and potential in people and situations rather than the shadow or the Truth. venus in pisces can be so sweet and uplifting- but if she is ungrounded and choosing to not deal with reality, then issues can arise today.

the sun moves out of aries and into taurus at 8:56pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from fiery, assertive and dynamic aries to earthy, stable, stubborn taurus. the coming month of the sun's journey through taurus is a God send - as we are in the midst of some very intense astrology and earthy, grounded taurus can help anchor us as we navigate our way through the chaos and intensity. the sun's upcoming month long journey through taurus is a great time to slow down, enjoy the pleasures of life and find an inner steadiness that helps anchor and ground ourselves and others. just watch out for the shadow side of taurus- the tendency to resist change and be stubborn as a mule (or bull)!

sunday april 20th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 12:29am when jupiter in cancer squares uranus in aries, bringing tension and friction between the planet of expansion and excess and the planet of rebellion, revolution and change! jupiter has been in a T-square formation with uranus and pluto since august of 2013- yet today is the most intense as jupiter triggers both bodies on the same day, whereas in the past jupiter would trigger uranus and pluto over several weeks. due to the exactness of this configuration, it can be a powerful and potentially volatile day today. jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity- but he is also known to throw more fuel on already hot and heavy fires. with jupiter trigger the uranus/pluto square AT THE SAME TIME- we have a very intense combination of energies. this astrology commences a very potent and intense window of astrology that lasts for 4 days. breakdowns and breakthroughs are possible- but so are worldwide events that are massive and that impact many. the best use of this energy is to be pro-active about the areas of your life that need to change or transform. don't wait for the Universe to do it for you- if they have to drag you there kicking and screaming it won't be as empowering (or as fun) of an experience ;)

at 4:23am mercury in aries opposes retrograde ceres in libra, bringing focus to our needs for safety, security, balance and harmony in our personal and collective relationships. we have the polarity of the self and other, me and we, take and give, masculine and feminine highlighted yet again. this is a huge theme right now- so we are each being asked to address which side of the spectrum we tend to default in and which side of the spectrum our growth and evolution is tied up with. the key is to look at which one is HARDER for you- as the one that is easy is NOT the one you need to work on or strengthen. if you are really good at focusing on others- then right now you need to focus on yourself. if you are really good at doing your own thing and thinking about your own needs- then right now you need to focus on/think about others. each person's journey is unique and only you will know where your growth is. do an honest self check-in and make sure your ego is not answering for you! opportunities for profound growth and shift are present right now- but it's up to you to take the leap and grow!

venus cojoins chiron in pisces at 10:40am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the wounded healer planetoid. venus/chiron brings us opportunities for deep emotional healing, expansion of awareness and consciousness in relationships or financial situations. but venus/chiron can also bring up all our old wounds and pain around boundaries, codependency, victimization, playing the martyr, addiction, denial or ungrounded over idealism so that we can address it once and for all. with venus involved these issues will tend to arise in romantic relationships, financial situations and/or be related to self-worth. venus has been undergoing some powerful, positive astrology- so hopefully our relationships with self and other are in the midst of transformation and renewal rather than painful breakdowns. but either way- opportunities for seeing things from some greater perspective are present right now.

at 4:26pm jupiter in cancer opposes retrograde pluto in capricorn, bringing an oppositional energy between the planet of optimism and hubris and the planet of power and shadow. this astrology can truly go one of two ways. on the positive side we have MAJOR opportunities to transform, regenerate and rebirth ourselves and our planet right now. of course the path to doing this is not easy and it requires that we surrender control and surrender attachments to things that may have made our life easy, but they do not necessarily make our life more conscious or sustainable. yet on the other hand, jupiter/pluto can unearth a lot of power over/power under dynamics and subtle manipulation by shadowy figures (inside ourselves and outside in the form of people/situations/world events) who seek to be in control! jupiter is currently aligned with the Black Sun while pluto is aligned with the opposing point called the 'diamond'. major opportunities for alchemical transformation of the Soul and the Soul of the world are possible right now, but this can come by way of intense pressure or transformational fire that forces us to purify and release the dross/crap that holds us back from the evolution we seek and/or need right now. this intense combo heralds the 5th uranus/pluto square that will be exact tomorrow! this one looks to be the most potent because of the Grand Cross forming between mars, jupiter, uranus and pluto (exact from the 22nd-23rd)- and also because it falls smack in the middle of 2 eclipses, one of which is total and the first of 4 blood red full moons that spans from 2014 to 2015. we certainly are in some interesting times! yet the seed potential inherent in these times is profound. do not let it go to waste!

i wish you a blessed and guided transformational week…

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