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Tools for Conscious Living

Overwhelmed by the holidays, stressed by the “thinky thinky” negative patterns, over burdened by the pressures of holiday shopping, not enough time, money, too much to do, putting your Self last…STOP!

1. Here’s a few things you can to do to keep your Self focused, unstressed and staying in your own Power during the holidays and any time.

2. Be the non-emotional observer, don’t jump into the trauma dramas

3. Choose how you participate during the holidays

4. Ask your it worth one cell, one particle, one molecule of your life and your creativity to get caught up in the outside trauma drama?

5. Stay in gratitude, gratefulness and thankfulness for all your blessings

6. Surround your Self with like minded friends who support you

7. See the past as only a reference point, not to relive past negative experiences

8. Create your own holiday traditions

9. Remember to love your Self unconditionally

10. Above all else create your own fun and enjoy your Self
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