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Kenyon Salo, Adventure Coach and Professional Base-Jumper, to Contribute to Token Rock
June 2009
Kenyon Salo knows a few things about overcoming fear and life limitations. As a self-proclaimed 'Adventure Coach', Kenyon shares his knowledge and insight while integrating adventure-based metaphors. To say Kenyon is qualified is an understatement. He has centered his life's work on his own passion and those who experience working with him are quickly energized and inspired to do the same.

Kenyon is a professional Skydiver and Base-jumper, having 2000+ skydives and 250+ BASE Jumps under his belt. He utilizes 'in the field adventure' as a key component of his training. The connection to our natural surroundings plays an important roll and through working with him, individuals are exposed to tools they can use to achieve their own greatness.. and that is right up our alley.

Token Rock is excited to announce a new partnership with Kenyon to bring to the world his philosophies and practices. We will do so through joint workshops, weekend retreats, and international travel engagements. Kenyon will also work with Token Rock to establish a new section of our site focused on overcoming limitations. He will also contribute articles on a wide variety of subjects.

To learn more about Kenyon, visit his biography page.
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